Nutritional Therapist and BioKinesiologist

I am a Nutritional Therapist and BioKinesiologist, dedicated to the recovery of my clients and their ongoing good health.

My aim is to help clients get to the root of their problems to enable them heal, rather than just treating symptoms. I do this using BioKinesiology muscle testing together with analysing diet and lifestyle. Located on Castle Street, Dalkey, Dublin. Please call or email if you wish to discuss how I can help you.

A wide range of symptoms are treated including

Digestive problems

including food intolerances, IBS and IBD


including insomnia, chronic fatigue and low energy


including migraines and sinus problems

Mental health

including low mood, anxiety and depression

Low immune system

including frequent infections, candida and viruses

Skin problems

including eczema, acne, psoriasis and unexplained rashes


A consultation lasts an hour. I will take a case history, discussing symptoms, diet, and lifestyle.
I will perform a series of muscle tests while you lie on a plinth, to ascertain areas of weakness within your body, from where your symptoms may arise.
I will devise a nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow for a month.


"For many years I have suffered from both stomach pains - diagnosed as diverticulitis - and severe headaches - diagnosed as migraine. Having received treatment from Pippa, these conditions no longer impinge on my wellbeing. I have referred many family members to Pippa and all have benefitted greatly from her skills. The caring and considerate manner in which Pippa treats instills a sense of confidence and ease in those that attend her practice."
"Pippa is able to help me identify the underlying issue in one easy session. I now try and get everyone who has a health niggle that they don't fully understand to go and see her - as she finds answers. She is like a medical detective - and every time I have seen her she has figured out the underlying issue and I've been back on track pretty much the next day"
"The day I came across kinesiology in general, and Pippa O’Gorman in particular, is a day I will never forget and always cherish. My particular concern was suffering from fatigue for 8 years, and after years of excuses from the GPs, suddenly I was cured within 3 weeks of my first visit to Pippa!"
“I was suffering from debilitating digestive complaints that were seriously impacting on my wellbeing, self confidence and general ability to function. ….After seeing Pippa for only a few sessions I am now able to live my life to the fullest again, my symptoms have disappeared and I feel happy and able to enjoy life”

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