Words from some of my clients

  • Pippa transformed my life. This seems dramatic but I cannot exaggerate or amplify just how much Pippa has helped me regain some quality of existence. She is an exceptional practitioner- I can't thank her enough.It's difficult to articulate the sheer impact of extreme digestive malaise until one experiences it themselves. In my youth, I had no issues but, subsequent to extensive travel, a number of stressful life events and poor knowledge on the subject, I found myself in a world of pain, discomfort and, perhaps most pointedly, of complete uncertainty every day. Naturally, I tried everything. Over the counter remedies, supplements, various diets, dietician appointments, medical scans - you name it, I did it and, after many years of turmoil, I had just about surrendered myself to the misery of pain, exhaustion, low confidence and distress that was my life. It affected absolutely everything and I thought there was no solution. It seemed that nobody really understood the gravity of it either. I was exhausted, deflated and suffering.

    But then, by chance, I stumbled upon Pippa while visiting a friend in Dalkey and I figured it was worth another shot. What was another few euro at that point, right? And, from there, things changed; radically changed. Pippa detected ailments I'd inadvertently picked up while travelling destinations like Africa, Australia and China. Her scientific background coupled with her passion and knowledge saw her prescribe a specific treatment plan for me ..... AND IT WORKED! It was a process but I saw and felt improvements quite quickly. If I could give Pippa an Oscar, I would (or the equivalent decoration and award in the medical/ dietician World).. She is amazing. For me, attending Pippa was life changing and for anyone requiring her expertise, I cannot recommend her enough.

    Thank you so so much Pippa.
  • I feel so lucky to have found Pippa! Having studied nutrition, I know what I should and shouldn't be eating but every now and then my digestion gets thrown off for reasons unknown and instead of spending the next few weeks or even months trying to figure out what to do, Pippa is able to help me identify the underlying issue in one easy session. I now try and get everyone who has a health niggle that they don't fully understand to go and see her - as she finds answers. She is like a medical detective - and every time I have seen her she has figured out the underlying issue and I've been back on track pretty much the next day
  • It’s been such a momentous week, I couldn’t let it end without writing to say thank you. The supplements arrived on Friday last, and for the past seven nights I have had seven of the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in at least two years. (There was that one week in March 2014 when I was in Marrakesh...) I feel fully rested for the first time in ten years. No exaggeration. I can’t tell you what this means to me, my sense of self, my connection to the present and the future. Thank you sincerely.
  • Prior to seeing Pippa I had been suffering from fatigue and digestive issues for about 18 months, culminating in severe weight loss. I was also quite anxious as to what foods I could eat and what my body was able to tolerate, having been on an elimination diet previously. Under Pippa's consultation I was able to find out what foods I could tolerate and reintroduce over a gradual period of time, and also that I needed some specific minerals and vitamins to ensure my energy systems were working optimally. I really felt confident to reintroduce foods knowing my body was able to tolerate them, and also the joy of being able to eat a wide variety of foods again. Now, 6 months on from our first consultation I have put on about 15kg, and am much stronger and have more energy and confidence. In addition to my other support networks, Pippa's help was outstanding, friendly and professional.
  • After moving to Ireland following 2 years spent travelling abroad, I was suffering with debilitating digestive complaints which were severely impacting on my well-being, self-confidence and general ability to function. Following a few traumatic and costly experiences in A+E and invasive investigations, my health was only declining despite following a very healthy, active lifestyle and diet. I didn't know where to turn as all of the supplements, remedies and advice I was following were doing nothing to relieve my symptoms. I was beginning to feel quite trapped and hopeless. It was at this point that I was fortunate enough to meet Pippa. Her kindness, sincerity, genuine care and dedication is unlike any other practitioner I have met. During my sessions with Pippa I felt completely supported and listened to, I knew that Pippa was working in a way that completely tuned in to my individual needs and that she was determined to help me to find a solution, working holistically to heal the root cause of the problem. After seeing Pippa for only a few sessions I am now able to live my life to the fullest again, my symptoms have disappeared and I feel happy and able to enjoy life. Pippa was also able to pinpoint specific intolerances that I was previously unaware of and I am so grateful that I have been able to make these changes. Pippa is a truly inspirational person who acts with integrity, warmth, care and professionalism in perfect balance to provide a truly exceptional service.
  • As you predicted, as soon as I started taking the folic acid my rash cleared up within about 10 days and I’ve had no problems ever since. You told me I had a problem with dairy and it should be avoided at all costs, from the day I left your office I’ve been dairy free and the difference is incredible - my skin is clearer, psoriasis on my arms is completely gone and is nearly gone in my scalp and my bowels now move every day which is astonishing as they used to move once a week before. I'm pain free in my joints and am now running 25 mins at a time on the treadmill which is something I couldn’t have contemplated before going to see you, my joints would be throbbing and swelling after running to catch a bus. Kinesiology has had such an impact on my life that I am thinking of studying this myself.
  • The day I came across kinesiology in general and Pippa O'Gorman in particular, is a day I will never forget and always cherish. My particular concern was suffering from fatigue for 8 years and after years of excuses from the GPs, suddenly I was cured within 3 weeks of my first visit to Pippa! A few other ailments have been similarly dealt with in the interim. I am now a total convert to kinesiology and its rightful place in managing the health of people. Pippa's expertise is top class and more importantly her professional attitiude and excellent relationship skills makes any visit a joy, with a successful outcome. Importantly, she is adamant she remedies your ailment in as few visits as possible. I find myself elated knowing that I have a reliable source for answers to many possible health problems I may have. I have introduced many family and friends at home and abroad to Pippa, all of whom have expressed delight and appreciation for the introduction. Pippa is a delightful professional who is there to help you in a caring and inexpensive manner and is a solution to many people's problems. Use her and you will feel, like me, happy and well.
  • I was intolerant to wheat and gluten for about 7 years. Every time I ate it I used to be very unwell. Having been treated by Pippa, my digestive system now is great and I can eat wheat and gluten without any problems, which makes my life so much easier.
  • I cannot express how Pippa has changed my life through kinesiology. Before, I was constantly tired and lacking motivation and after only seeing Pippa for a few sessions I instantly had more energy and felt in a much more positive mood. Pippa was always very welcoming with her calm and professional attitude and within 20 minutes of a session my mood had changed and I was laughing with amazement at how quickly she was able to do this. I have recommended Pippa to many people and all have said she has completely changed their life. I can't thank Pippa enough.
  • For many years I have suffered from both stomach pains - diagnosed as diverticulitis - and severe headaches - diagnosed as migraine. Having received treatment from Pippa, these conditions no longer impinge on my wellbeing. I have referred many family members to Pippa and all have benefitted greatly from her skills. The caring and considerate manner in which Pippa treats instills a sense of confidence and ease in those that attend her practice.
  • I have been lactose free, bar the odd slip up, since the beginning of January and I feel so much better already. I have had one bout of sinus in the last couple of weeks but it was gone in a few days and I didn't need an antibiotic to get rid of it, that is the first time in a long time it has been that way. I am sleeping better also which is another huge bonus.
  • The repetitive strain injury in my right arm, which I had had for months, disappeared after only one session with Pippa. I have no idea how she did it but I felt the relief immediately during the session. That was nearly a year ago and I have had no resurgence of the dreaded RSI since then. I was very impressed - a) that kinesiology, but more importantly, Pippa, cured it and b) that it did not involve endless visits.
  • When I walked into Pippa's office the only words I could manage were "fix me". When Pippa asked what my symptoms were I did not know where to begin. I was suffering with a very intense headache for the past 7 weeks. I wasn't sleeping properly. I was grinding my teeth during the night. I was suffering from severe anxiety. Despite my best efforts through diet and exercise, I wasn't able to lose any weight and was starting to get hive like marks on my skin.In short I was exhausted. I had been to my GP who diagnosed me with chronic stress and put me on a mild anti depressant which did not suit me at all or help me in any way. I had previously been to see Pippa who had done wonders for my hayfever and sure enough after only one treatment, within the space of 2 weeks I was completely symptom free and back to my old self again. My only regret is that I suffered on for 7 weeks instead of going to Pippa straight away! I would highly recommend the services of Pippa and indeed the practice of kinesiology to anyone who may be thinking of it. I am eternally grateful for the difference this has made to my life.


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